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Violin Competition Archetti in Moravia

Violin Competition for Amateur Violinists up to 16 Years

6th Year - Kroměříž June 2017

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Jury and Rules of Valuation 2017


The jury constists of members, members with right of awarding prizes, honorary members and chairman. O počtu členů, členů s právem udělovat ceny a čestných členů rozhodují organizátoři soutěže. Mezi hodnotitele patří členové, členové s právem udělovat ceny a předseda.

  • Chairman - he controls the work of jury, in case of equality of votes his vote is desisive. He may be a member with right of awarding prizes.
  • A member with right of awarding prizes - may - according to his consideration - any competition participant award a prize for a remarkable feature in his/her performance, and that regardless of the meaning of other appraisers or the total appraisal of the competitor..
  • An honorary member - sees to it that the competitors, the jury and the organizers observe the competition rules.
  • A member - he takes part in the jury as an appraiser.


  • Chairman:
    • ing. Karel Janeček
  • Members with right of awarding prizes:
    • Mgr. Radim Havlíček
    • ing. Karel Janeček
    • MgA. Ivana Mikesková
    • MgA. David Mimra
    • Mgr. Vítězslav Zavadilík
  • Secretary:
    • MgA. Stanislav Nosek
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