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Violin Competition Archetti in Moravia

Violin Competition for Amateur Violinists up to 16 Years

6th Year - Kroměříž June 2017

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The competition is open for violinists birth after 1st June 2001, who are neither studying nor have not passed the violin as the main field of study at the school of the middle or higher degree.

The competition takes place in three age categories. The contestants cannot compete in more than one category. Depending on the age, can choose between one to three categories, since the lower age limit is not intended.

  • Category »Beginner« (date of birth: after 1st June 2007) - conditions
  • Category »Advanced« (date of birth: after 1st June 2005) - conditions
  • Category »Future Master« (date of birth: after 1st June 2001) - conditions

After submission of the application, you cannot change the selected category.

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